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1922 New England Textile Strike

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The New England Textile Strike was a strike led by members of the United Textile Workers of America (UTW) principally in the U.S. states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.[4] Throughout the duration of the strike, an estimated 68,000-85,000 workers refused to work.[1][5] Alongside the UTW, the IWW and ATW played major organizing roles within it, with the strike lasting for around 200 days at most mills.[4]

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New England Textile Strike of 1922
Part of Labor unions
Militia escorting strikebreakers in Pawtucket, R.I
DateJanuary 23, 1922 (1922-01-23) – November 1922 (1922-11)[1]
(101 years ago)
New England, United States
Caused by20% wage cut
Increase in weekly hours
Resulted inReversal of 20% wage cut for most.
Lead figures
Fred Harwood (ATW)
Thomas McMahon (UTW)
Casualties and losses
At least 1 to 2 dead,
17 to 50 wounded

The UTW & ATW led Rhode Island. The IWW, ATW, & UTW led Massachusetts. Lastly, the UTW completely led New Hampshire.[4]