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1974 Izu Peninsula earthquake

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1974 Izu Peninsula earthquake
1974 Izu Peninsula earthquake
1974 Izu Peninsula earthquake
UTC time1974-05-08 23:33:29
ISC event748001
Local dateMay 9, 1974 (1974-05-09)
Local time08:33:29
Magnitude6.5 Ms
Depth9 km
Epicenter34°36′N 138°48′E / 34.6°N 138.8°E / 34.6; 138.8Coordinates: 34°36′N 138°48′E / 34.6°N 138.8°E / 34.6; 138.8
Areas affectedJapan
Max. intensityJapan Meteorological Agency seismic intensity scale 5-[1]
Casualties38 Dead missing persons[2]

The 1974 Izu Peninsula earthquake (Japanese: 1974年伊豆半島沖地震) occurred on May 9 at 08:33 local time. The epicenter was located off the Izu Peninsula, Japan. 25 people were reported dead. Landslides and damage of roads, buildings, and infrastructure were reported. This earthquake triggered a small tsunami.[3] The intensity in Tokyo reached shindo 3.[4] The magnitude of this earthquake was put at Ms 6.5, or MJMA 6.9.[5][6]

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1974 Izu Peninsula earthquake
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