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1977 Irish general election

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The 1977 Irish general election to the 21st Dáil was held on Thursday, 16 June, following the dissolution of the 20th Dáil on 25 May by President Patrick Hillery on the request of Taoiseach Liam Cosgrave. The general election took place in 42 Dáil constituencies throughout Ireland for 148 seats in Dáil Éireann, the house of representatives of the Oireachtas, an increase of four seats with a significant revision of constituencies under the Electoral (Amendment) Act 1974. The election is regarded as a pivotal point in twentieth-century Irish politics. Jack Lynch led Fianna Fáil to a landslide election win, clearly defeating the outgoing Fine GaelLabour government.

Quick facts: 148 seats in Dáil Éireann[lower-alpha 1] 75 s...
1977 Irish general election
 1973 16 June 1977 1981 

148 seats in Dáil Éireann[lower-alpha 1]
75 seats needed for a majority
Turnout76.3% Decrease 0.3pp
  First party Second party Third party
Jack Lynch 1979 (cropped).jpg
Taoiseach Liam Cosgrave-Patricks Day 1976.jpg
Brendan Corish 1949.png
Leader Jack Lynch Liam Cosgrave Brendan Corish
Party Fianna Fáil Fine Gael Labour
Leader since 9 November 1966 21 April 1965 2 March 1960
Leader's seat Cork City Dún Laoghaire Wexford
Last election 69 seats, 46.2% 54 seats, 35.1% 19 seats, 13.7%
Seats before 65 55 20
Seats won 84 43 17[lower-alpha 1]
Seat change Increase19 Decrease12 Decrease3
Percentage 50.6% 30.5% 11.6%
Swing Increase4.4% Decrease4.6% Decrease2.1%

Percentage of seats gained by each of the three major parties, and number of seats gained by smaller parties and independents.

Taoiseach before election

Liam Cosgrave
Fine Gael

Taoiseach after election

Jack Lynch
Fianna Fáil


The 21st Dáil met at Leinster House on 5 July to nominate the Taoiseach for appointment by the president and to approve the appointment of a new government of Ireland. Jack Lynch was appointed Taoiseach, forming the 15th Government of Ireland, a single-party majority Fianna Fáil government. It was the last election to result in a single-party majority government.