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2012–13 OFC Champions League

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2012–13 OFC Champions League
Tournament details
Dates1–8 May 2012 (preliminary stage)
30 March – 19 May 2013 (final stage)
Teams8 (final stage)
12 (total) (from 11 associations)
Final positions
ChampionsNew Zealand Auckland City (5th title)
Runners-upNew Zealand Waitakere United
Tournament statistics
Matches played36
Goals scored132 (3.67 per match)
Top scorer(s)Nigeria Sanni Issa
(9 goals)
Best player(s)Nigeria Sanni Issa
Best goalkeeperEngland Danny Robinson

The 2012–13 OFC Champions League was the 12th edition of the Oceanian Club Championship, Oceania's premier club football tournament organized by the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC), and the 7th season under the current OFC Champions League name.

Auckland City became the first team to win three consecutive title after defeating Waitakere United in an all-New Zealand final.[1] As the winner of the 2013 OFC Champions League, they earned the right to represent the OFC at the 2013 FIFA Club World Cup.[2]

Format change

Location of teams of the 2012–13 OFC Champions League.
Teams entering the group stage
Team entering the play-off round
Teams entering the preliminary round

The OFC decided on the following format changes for the 2013 edition:

  • A preliminary stage was added to the tournament such that teams from all eleven OFC member associations have a chance to contest the title of O-League Champion.[3]
  • Instead of kicking off in late October or early November, the group stage was played in a one-month period in March and April, and games took place every weekend, including mid-week matches.[4]
  • Unlike in previous years, a semi-final stage was played and featured the two highest-placed teams in each group. These matches were played over two legs on a home-and-away basis.[4]
  • The victorious semi-final teams then clashed in a winner-takes-all final at a pre-determined venue. The one-match final is a change from previous seasons, in which the final was played over two legs, home and away.[4]


The following teams entered the competition.

Association Team Qualifying method
Teams entering the group stage
Fiji Fiji Ba 2011 Fiji National Football League champion[5]
New Zealand New Zealand Waitakere United 2011–12 ASB Premiership grand final champion[6]
Auckland City 2011–12 ASB Premiership regular season premier[7]
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Hekari United 2011–12 Papua New Guinea National Soccer League champion[8]
Solomon Islands Solomon Islands Solomon Warriors 2011–12 Solomon Islands S-League champion[9]
French Polynesia Tahiti Dragon 2011–12 Tahiti Division Fédérale champion[10]
Vanuatu Vanuatu Amicale 2012 Vanuatu National Soccer League champion[11]
Team entering the play-off round
New Caledonia New Caledonia Mont-Dore 2011 New Caledonia Division Honneur champion[12]
Teams entering the preliminary round
American Samoa American Samoa Pago Youth 2011 FFAS Senior League champion
Cook Islands Cook Islands Tupapa Maraerenga 2011 Cook Islands Round Cup champion
Samoa Samoa Kiwi 2010–11 Samoa National League champion
Tonga Tonga Lotoha'apai United 2010–11 Tonga Major League champion


The schedule of the competition was as follows.

Stage Date (local time)
Preliminary stage Matchday 1 1 May 2012
Matchday 2 3 May 2012
Matchday 3 5 May 2012
Play-off 8 May 2012
Group stage Matchday 1 30 March 2013
Matchday 2 3, 5–7 April 2013
Matchday 3 12–13 April 2013
Matchday 4 17 April 2013
Matchday 5 20–21, 23 April 2013
Matchday 6 27–28 April 2013
Semi-finals First leg 4–5 May 2013
Second leg 11–12 May 2013
Final 19 May 2013

Matches played in Tahiti are one day behind the other countries in global time as Tahiti is on the other side of the International Date Line.

Preliminary stage

The preliminary stage matches were played in Tonga from 1 May to 8 May 2012.[3]

Preliminary round

In the preliminary round, the four teams played each other on a round-robin basis. The group winner advanced to the play-off round.[2]

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Cook Islands Tupapa Maraerenga 3 2 1 0 14 4 +10 7
Tonga Lotoha'apai United 3 2 1 0 11 4 +7 7
Samoa Kiwi 3 1 0 2 7 5 +2 3
American Samoa Pago Youth 3 0 0 3 1 20 −19 0
Pago Youth American Samoa1–5Samoa Kiwi
P. Samuelu Goal 90' Report[permanent dead link] Malo Goal 7'23'
Saofaiga Goal 26'80'
Gosche Goal 70'
Attendance: 100
Referee: Rakesh Varman (Fiji)
Lotoha'apai United Tonga3–3Cook Islands Tupapa Maraerenga
Maamaaloa Goal 68'
M. Uhatahi Goal 75'
Moala Goal 81'
Report[permanent dead link] Best Goal 37'
Berlim Goal 55'69'
Attendance: 300
Referee: Mirko Benischke (New Zealand)

Lotoha'apai United Tonga6–0American Samoa Pago Youth
M. Uhatahi Goal 23'30'
Maamaaloa Goal 54'71'89'
S. T. Faupula Goal 83'
Report[permanent dead link]
Attendance: 200
Kiwi Samoa1–2Cook Islands Tupapa Maraerenga
Saofaiga Goal 19' Report Harmon Goal 29'
Best Goal 31'
Attendance: 150
Referee: John Saohu (Solomon Islands)

Tupapa Maraerenga Cook Islands9–0American Samoa Pago Youth
Tiro Goal 3'
Berlim Goal 23'30'53'71'
Fowler Goal 45+2'
Manuel Goal 51'69'
Harmon Goal 88'
Attendance: 100
Referee: Rakesh Varman (Fiji)
Kiwi Samoa1–2Tonga Lotoha'apai United
Saofaiga Goal 84' Report M. Uhatahi Goal 45+5'
Uele Goal 57' (pen.)
Attendance: 350
Referee: Mirko Benischke (New Zealand)

Play-off round

In the play-off round, the winner of the preliminary round and the team entering in this round played each other over one match. The winner advanced to the group stage to join the seven automatic qualifiers.[2]

Tupapa Maraerenga Cook Islands1–3New Caledonia Mont-Dore
Harmon Goal 90+2' Report[permanent dead link] Kenon Goal 33'
Bessières Goal 45'
Wamytan Goal 85' (pen.)
Attendance: 400

Group stage

In the group stage, the eight teams were divided into two groups of four. In each group, the four teams played each other on a home-and-away round-robin basis. The group winners and runners-up advanced to the semi-finals.[2]

On 5 February 2013, the OFC announced the draw and schedule of the group stage.[13] The group stage matches were played from 30 March to 28 April 2013.[14]

Group A

Fiji Ba 6 5 1 0 16 4 +12 16 2–0 5–0 2–0
Vanuatu Amicale 6 3 1 2 7 4 +3 10 1–2 2–0 2–0
Solomon Islands Solomon Warriors 6 1 1 4 7 15 −8 4 2–2 0–2 4–2
Papua New Guinea Hekari United 6 1 1 4 5 12 −7 4 1–3 0–0 2–1
Solomon Warriors Solomon Islands0–2Vanuatu Amicale
Report[permanent dead link] Masauvakalo Goal 64'
Gueye Goal 76' (pen.)
Attendance: 12,000
Referee: Nick Waldron (New Zealand)
Hekari United Papua New Guinea1–3Fiji Ba
Jack Goal 50' Report Tiwa Goal 44'
Issa Goal 52'
Manuca Goal 90+2'

Solomon Warriors Solomon Islands2–2Fiji Ba
Billy Goal 32'
Lea'alafa Goal 90+2'
Report Issa Goal 6'20'
Attendance: 10,000
Referee: Hillary Ani (Papua New Guinea)
Hekari United Papua New Guinea0–0Vanuatu Amicale
Referee: Rakesh Varman (Fiji)

Ba Fiji2–0Papua New Guinea Hekari United
Tiwa Goal 18'
Issa Goal 80'
Referee: Averii Jacques (Tahiti)

Ba Fiji5–0Solomon Islands Solomon Warriors
Tiwa Goal 2'
Issa Goal 47'63'75'
Naioko Goal 86'
Report[permanent dead link]
Attendance: 6,000
Referee: Hillary Ani (Papua New Guinea)
Amicale Vanuatu2–0Papua New Guinea Hekari United
Nawo Goal 38'
Masauvakalo Goal 76'
Report[permanent dead link]
Attendance: 6,000
Referee: John Saohu (Solomon Islands)

Solomon Warriors Solomon Islands4–2Papua New Guinea Hekari United
G. Feni Goal 11'44'
Kilifa Goal 13'27'
Report Waroi Goal 43'
Gunemba Goal 89'
Referee: Salesh Chand (Fiji)
Amicale Vanuatu1–2Fiji Ba
Masauvakalo Goal 19' Report Suwamy Goal 60' (pen.)
Issa Goal 67' (pen.)
Attendance: 8,000
Referee: Mirko Benischke (New Zealand)

Ba Fiji2–0Vanuatu Amicale
Issa Goal 60' (pen.)
Shaheed Goal 83'
Hekari United Papua New Guinea2–1Solomon Islands Solomon Warriors
Gunemba Goal 17'
Dabinyaba Goal 27'
Report Kilifa Goal 54'
Referee: Nick Waldron (New Zealand)

Group B

New Zealand Waitakere United 6 4 1 1 9 6 +3 13 1–3 0–0 3–1
New Zealand Auckland City 6 3 1 2 19 8 +11 10 0–1 1–3 12–2
French Polynesia Dragon 6 2 3 1 9 5 +4 9 0–1 1–1 1–1
New Caledonia Mont-Dore 6 0 1 5 7 25 −18 1 2–3 0–2 1–4
Waitakere United New Zealand0–0French Polynesia Dragon
Report[permanent dead link]
Attendance: 300
Referee: Rakesh Varman (Fiji)
Mont-Dore New Caledonia0–2New Zealand Auckland City
Report[permanent dead link] Souto Goal 61'
Dickinson Goal 67' (pen.)
Attendance: 350
Referee: Averii Jacques (Tahiti)

Mont-Dore New Caledonia1–4French Polynesia Dragon
Painbéni Goal 10' Report T. Tehau Goal 40'81'
Teikihakaupoko Goal 86'
Chong Hue Goal 88'
Waitakere United New Zealand1–3New Zealand Auckland City
Krishna Goal 55' Report[permanent dead link] Dickinson Goal 5'62' (pen.)
Souto Goal 51'

Auckland City New Zealand12–2New Caledonia Mont-Dore
Dickinson Goal 4'34'43'
White Goal 8'
Souto Goal 9'
Bale Goal 18'
Bilen Goal 26'38'
Riera Goal 28'
Expósito Goal 61'65'81'
Report Bob Goal 46'
Painbéni Goal 78'
Dragon French Polynesia0–1New Zealand Waitakere United
Report Butler Goal 43'
Referee: Isidore Assiene-Ambassa (New Caledonia)

Auckland City New Zealand1–3French Polynesia Dragon
Dickinson Goal 45+1' (pen.) Report[permanent dead link] T. Tehau Goal 76'
Vicelich Goal 84' (o.g.)
Graglia Goal 90+1'
Attendance: 600
Referee: Gerald Oiaka (Solomon Islands)
Waitakere United New Zealand3–1New Caledonia Mont-Dore
Palmer Goal 2' (pen.)
Krishna Goal 49'55'
Report[permanent dead link] Maou Goal 75'
Attendance: 800

Auckland City New Zealand0–1New Zealand Waitakere United
Report[permanent dead link] Butler Goal 26'
Attendance: 2,000
Referee: Andrew Achari (Fiji)
Dragon French Polynesia1–1New Caledonia Mont-Dore
Vallar Goal 35' Report Vakie Goal 73'
Referee: Robinson Banga (Vanuatu)

Dragon French Polynesia1–1New Zealand Auckland City
T. Tehau Goal 5' Report Expósito Goal 39'
Referee: Rakesh Varman (Fiji)
Mont-Dore New Caledonia2–3New Zealand Waitakere United
Bessières Goal 36'
Bob Goal 66'
Report Palmer Goal 1'53' (pen.)
De Vries Goal 78'


In the semi-finals, the winner of Group A play the runner-up of Group B, and the winner of Group B play the runner-up of Group A. In each tie, teams play each other on a home-and-away two-legged basis, with the group winners hosting the second leg. If the aggregate score is tied after the second leg, the away goals rule is applied. If away goals are also tied, extra time is played, and the away goals rule is applied again after extra time, i.e., if there are goals scored during extra time and the aggregate score is still tied, the away team qualifies. If no goals are scored during extra time, the winner is determined by penalty shoot-out.[2]

The first legs were played on 4 and 5 May 2013, and the second legs were played on 11 and 12 May 2013.[15]

First leg

Amicale Vanuatu0–2New Zealand Waitakere United
Report Krishna Goal 33'45+2'
Referee: Averii Jacques (Tahiti)

Auckland City New Zealand6–1Fiji Ba
Expósito Goal 31'73'
Tade Goal 63'
White Goal 80'89'
Bilen Goal 86'
Report Manuca Goal 34'
Attendance: 3,000

Second leg

Ba Fiji0–1New Zealand Auckland City
Report Feneridis Goal 51'
Referee: Gerald Oiaka (Solomon Islands)

Auckland City won 7–1 on aggregate and advanced to the final.

Waitakere United won 4–1 on aggregate and advanced to the final.


In the final, the two semi-final winners played each other over one match at a pre-determined venue, with extra time and penalty shoot-out used to decide the winner if necessary.[2] The final was played at Arena 2 of Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand on 19 May 2013.

Waitakere United New Zealand1–2New Zealand Auckland City
Coombes Goal 39' Report Dickinson Goal 16'
Feneridis Goal 19'
Attendance: 3,000


Award[1] Player Team
Golden Ball Nigeria Sanni Issa Fiji Ba
Golden Boot Nigeria Sanni Issa Fiji Ba
Golden Gloves England Danny Robinson New Zealand Waitakere United
Fair Play Award Solomon Islands Solomon Warriors


Preliminary stage

In the preliminary stage (preliminary round and play-off round), there were 37 goals in 7 matches, for an average of 5.29 goals per match.

Rank Player Team Goals
1 Cook Islands Leo Berlim Cook Islands Tupapa Maraerenga 6
2 Samoa Mike Saofaiga Samoa Kiwi 4
Tonga Timote Maamaaloa Tonga Lotoha'apai United
Tonga Mark Uhatahi Tonga Lotoha'apai United
5 Cook Islands Grover Harmon Cook Islands Tupapa Maraerenga 3
6 Cook Islands Campbell Best Cook Islands Tupapa Maraerenga 2
Cook Islands Roger Manuel Cook Islands Tupapa Maraerenga
Samoa Silao Malo Samoa Kiwi
10 American Samoa Puni Samuelu American Samoa Pago Youth 1
Cook Islands Hone Fowler Cook Islands Tupapa Maraerenga
Cook Islands Twin Tiro Cook Islands Tupapa Maraerenga
New Caledonia Loïc Bessières New Caledonia Mont-Dore
New Caledonia Pascal Kenon New Caledonia Mont-Dore
New Caledonia Jacques Wamytan New Caledonia Mont-Dore
Samoa Luki Gosche Samoa Kiwi
Tonga Soane Faupula Tonga Lotoha'apai United
Tonga Lafaele Moala Tonga Lotoha'apai United
Tonga Kilifi Uele Tonga Lotoha'apai United


Final stage

In the final stage (group stage, semi-finals and final), there were 95 goals in 29 matches, for an average of 3.28 per match.

Rank Player Team Goals
1 Nigeria Sanni Issa Fiji Ba 9
2 England Adam Dickinson New Zealand Auckland City 8
3 Spain Manel Expósito New Zealand Auckland City 6
Fiji Roy Krishna New Zealand Waitakere United
5 French Polynesia Teaonui Tehau French Polynesia Dragon 4
6 Fiji Malakai Tiwa Fiji Ba 3
Croatia Mario Bilen New Zealand Auckland City
Spain Gustavo Souto New Zealand Auckland City
England Darren White New Zealand Auckland City
England Chris Palmer New Zealand Waitakere United
Solomon Islands Moffat Kilifa Solomon Islands Solomon Warriors
Vanuatu Fenedy Masauvakalo Vanuatu Amicale
13 Fiji Tuimasi Manuca Fiji Ba 2
New Caledonia Jean-Pierre Bob New Caledonia Mont-Dore
New Caledonia Romain Painbéni New Caledonia Mont-Dore
New Zealand Alex Feneridis New Zealand Auckland City
New Zealand Jake Butler New Zealand Waitakere United
New Zealand Chad Coombes New Zealand Waitakere United
Papua New Guinea Raymond Gunemba Papua New Guinea Hekari United
Solomon Islands Gagame Feni Solomon Islands Solomon Warriors
Solomon Islands Joses Nawo Vanuatu Amicale
22 Fiji Laisenia Raura Naioko Fiji Ba 1
Fiji Abbu Zahid Shaheed Fiji Ba
Fiji Avinesh Suwamy Fiji Ba
New Caledonia Loïc Bessières New Caledonia Mont-Dore
New Caledonia Dan Vakie New Caledonia Mont-Dore
Wales Chris Bale New Zealand Auckland City
Spain Albert Riera New Zealand Auckland City
Argentina Emiliano Tade New Zealand Auckland City
South Africa Ryan De Vries New Zealand Waitakere United
Papua New Guinea Nigel Dabinyaba Papua New Guinea Hekari United
Papua New Guinea Kema Jack Papua New Guinea Hekari United
Solomon Islands Joachim Waroi Papua New Guinea Hekari United
Solomon Islands Kidston Billy Solomon Islands Solomon Warriors
Solomon Islands Micah Lea'alafa Solomon Islands Solomon Warriors
French Polynesia Steevy Chong Hue French Polynesia Dragon
French Polynesia Sylvain Graglia French Polynesia Dragon
French Polynesia Andre Teikihakaupoko French Polynesia Dragon
French Polynesia Nicolas Vallar French Polynesia Dragon
Vanuatu Alphonse Bongnaim Vanuatu Amicale
Vanuatu Dominique Fred Vanuatu Amicale
Senegal Papa Gueye Vanuatu Amicale
Own goals
Rank Player Team Goals Opponent
1 New Zealand Ivan Vicelich New Zealand Auckland City 1 French Polynesia Dragon

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