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2014 Copa Sudamericana elimination phase

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The elimination phase of the 2014 Copa Sudamericana was played from August 19 to September 24, 2014. A total of 46 teams competed in the elimination phase.[1]


The draw of the tournament was held on May 20, 2014, 12:00 UTC−3, at the Sheraton Hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina.[2]

Excluding the defending champion (entering in the round of 16), the other 46 teams were divided into four zones:

  • South Zone: Teams from Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay (entering in the first stage)
  • North Zone: Teams from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela (entering in the first stage)
  • Argentina Zone: Teams from Argentina (entering in the second stage)
  • Brazil Zone: Teams from Brazil (entering in the second stage)

The draw mechanism was as follows:[1]

  • South Zone and North Zone:
    • For the first stage, the 16 teams from the South Zone were drawn into eight ties, and the 16 teams from the North Zone were drawn into the other eight ties. Teams which qualified for berths 1 were drawn against teams which qualified for berths 4, and teams which qualified for berths 2 were drawn against teams which qualified for berths 3, with the former hosting the second leg in both cases. Teams from the same association could not be drawn into the same tie.
    • For the second stage, the 16 winners of the first stage were drawn into eight ties. The eight winners from the South Zone were drawn against the eight winners from the North Zone, with the former hosting the second leg in four ties, and the latter hosting the second leg in the other four ties.
  • Argentina Zone: The six teams were drawn into three ties. Teams which qualified for berths 1–3 were drawn against teams which qualified for berths 4–6, with the former hosting the second leg.
  • Brazil Zone: The eight teams were split into four ties. No draw was held, where the matchups were based on the berths which the teams qualified for: 1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, 3 vs. 6, 4 vs. 5, with the former hosting the second leg.


The following was the seeding of the 46 teams entered into the first stage and second stage draw:

Teams entering in the first stage Teams entering in the second stage
South Zone (16 teams) North Zone (16 teams) Argentina Zone (6 teams) Brazil Zone (8 teams)
  1. Bolivia San José
    Chile Iquique
    Paraguay Cerro Porteño
    Uruguay Danubio
  2. Bolivia Jorge Wilstermann
    Chile Cobresal
    Paraguay Libertad
    Uruguay River Plate
  3. Bolivia Nacional Potosí
    Chile Universidad Católica
    Paraguay General Díaz
    Uruguay Peñarol
  4. Bolivia Universitario
    Chile Huachipato
    Paraguay Capiatá
    Uruguay Rentistas
  1. Colombia Atlético Nacional
    Ecuador Emelec
    Peru Alianza Lima
    Venezuela Caracas
  2. Colombia Deportivo Cali
    Ecuador Independiente del Valle
    Peru Universidad César Vallejo
    Venezuela Deportivo Anzoátegui
  3. Colombia Millonarios
    Ecuador Universidad Católica
    Peru UTC
    Venezuela Trujillanos
  4. Colombia Águilas Pereira
    Ecuador Barcelona
    Peru Inti Gas
    Venezuela La Guaira
  1. Argentina River Plate
  2. Argentina Boca Juniors
  3. Argentina Estudiantes
  4. Argentina Gimnasia y Esgrima
  5. Argentina Godoy Cruz
  6. Argentina Rosario Central
  1. Brazil Vitória
  2. Brazil Goiás
  3. Brazil São Paulo
  4. Brazil Bahia
  5. Brazil Internacional
  6. Brazil Criciúma
  7. Brazil Fluminense
  8. Brazil Sport Recife


In the elimination phase, each tie was played on a home-and-away two-legged basis. If tied on aggregate, the away goals rule was used. If still tied, the penalty shoot-out was used to determine the winner (no extra time was played). The 15 winners of the second stage (three from Argentina Zone, four from Brazil Zone, eight from ties between South Zone and North Zone) advanced to the round of 16 to join the defending champion (Lanús).[1]

First stage

The first legs were played on August 19–21, and the second legs were played on August 26–28, 2014.[3]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
South Zone
Huachipato Chile 6–3 Bolivia San José 3–1 3–2
Universitario Bolivia 2–1 Chile Iquique 2–0 0–1
Capiatá Paraguay 5–3 Uruguay Danubio 3–1 2–2
Rentistas Uruguay 1–2 Paraguay Cerro Porteño 0–2 1–0
General Díaz Paraguay 4–3 Chile Cobresal 2–1 2–2
Nacional Potosí Bolivia 1–3 Paraguay Libertad 1–0 0–3
Universidad Católica Chile 0–4 Uruguay River Plate 0–1 0–3
Peñarol Uruguay 6–0 Bolivia Jorge Wilstermann 2–0 4–0
North Zone
Inti Gas Peru 0–2 Venezuela Caracas 0–1 0–1
Barcelona Ecuador 3–0 Peru Alianza Lima 3–0 0–0
La Guaira Venezuela 1–2 Colombia Atlético Nacional 1–1 0–1
Águilas Pereira Colombia 2–3 Ecuador Emelec 1–1 1–2
UTC Peru 0–3 Colombia Deportivo Cali 0–0 0–3
Millonarios Colombia 3–4 Peru Universidad César Vallejo 1–2 2–2
Trujillanos Venezuela 1–2 Ecuador Independiente del Valle 0–1 1–1
Universidad Católica Ecuador 2–2 (5–4 p) Venezuela Deportivo Anzoátegui 1–1 1–1

Match G1

Huachipato Chile3–1Bolivia San José
Vilches Goal 1'73'
Delgado Goal 47'
Report Bustamante Goal 51' (pen.)
Referee: Pablo Díaz (Argentina)

San José Bolivia2–3Chile Huachipato
Díaz Goal 47' (pen.)90+1' Report Simón Goal 18'
Espinosa Goal 33' (pen.)
Povea Goal 83'
Referee: Ulises Mereles (Paraguay)

Huachipato won 6–3 on aggregate.

Match G2

Universitario Bolivia2–0Chile Iquique
Bejarano Goal 22'
Palavicini Goal 74'
Referee: Mario Díaz de Vivar (Paraguay)

Universitario won 2–1 on aggregate.

Match G3

Capiatá Paraguay3–1Uruguay Danubio
F. Escobar Goal 16' (pen.)50' (pen.)
Irala Goal 68'
Report Zunino Goal 81'

Danubio Uruguay2–2Paraguay Capiatá
Farías Goal 14' (pen.)
Castro Goal 78'
Report F. Escobar Goal 46'62' (pen.)

Deportivo Capiatá won 5–3 on aggregate.

Match G4

Rentistas Uruguay0–2Paraguay Cerro Porteño
Report Romero Goal 27'
Dos Santos Goal 90+1'
Referee: Diego Ceballos (Argentina)

Cerro Porteño won 2–1 on aggregate.

Match G5

Cobresal Chile2–2Paraguay General Díaz
Donoso Goal 24'
Fuentes Goal 86'
Report R. Gamarra Goal 3'
Genes Goal 33'

General Díaz won 4–3 on aggregate.

Match G6

Libertad won 3–1 on aggregate.

Match G7

River Plate won 4–0 on aggregate.

Match G8

Jorge Wilstermann Bolivia0–4Uruguay Peñarol
Report Diogo Goal 23'
J. J. Rodríguez Goal 69' (pen.)
Olivera Goal 78' (pen.)
Macaluso Goal 83'
Referee: Julio Quintana (Paraguay)

Peñarol won 6–0 on aggregate.

Match G9

Inti Gas Peru0–1Venezuela Caracas
Report Cure Goal 82'

Caracas Venezuela1–0Peru Inti Gas
Quijada Goal 10' Report

Caracas won 2–0 on aggregate.

Match G10

Barcelona Ecuador3–0Peru Alianza Lima
Penilla Goal 31'
Velasco Goal 66'
Blanco Goal 90+1'

Alianza Lima Peru0–0Ecuador Barcelona

Barcelona won 3–0 on aggregate.

Match G11

La Guaira Venezuela1–1Colombia Atlético Nacional
Villegas Goal 65' Report Cardona Goal 82' (pen.)

Atlético Nacional won 2–1 on aggregate.

Match G12

Águilas Pereira Colombia1–1Ecuador Emelec
D. Álvarez Goal 90+1' Report Mena Goal 40'

Emelec won 3–2 on aggregate.

Match G13

Deportivo Cali Colombia3–0Peru UTC
Nasuti Goal 4'68'
Rivas Goal 24'

Deportivo Cali won 3–0 on aggregate.

Match G14

Universidad César Vallejo Peru2–2Colombia Millonarios
Quinteros Goal 2'18' Report Uribe Goal 34'
Agudelo Goal 66'
Referee: Carlos Ulloa (Chile)

Universidad César Vallejo won 4–3 on aggregate.

Match G15

Trujillanos Venezuela0–1Ecuador Independiente del Valle
Report D. Angulo Goal 78'
Referee: Wilson Lamouroux (Colombia)

Independiente del Valle Ecuador1–1Venezuela Trujillanos
Solís Goal 90' Report S. Álvarez Goal 90+1'
Referee: Henry Gambetta (Peru)

Independiente del Valle won 2–1 on aggregate.

Match G16

Universidad Católica Ecuador1–1Venezuela Deportivo Anzoátegui
H. Patta Goal 35' Report Arteaga Goal 54'
Referee: Alejandro Mancilla (Bolivia)

Tied 2–2 on aggregate, Universidad Católica won on penalties.

Second stage

The first legs were played on August 27–28, September 3–4, 10–11, and 16–18, and the second legs were played on September 3–4, 16–18, and 23–25, 2014.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Sport Recife Brazil 1–3 Brazil Vitória 0–1 1–2
Capiatá Paraguay 4–2 Venezuela Caracas 1–1 3–1
Godoy Cruz Argentina 0–3 Argentina River Plate 0–1 0–2
Huachipato Chile 2–1 Ecuador Universidad Católica 2–0 0–1
Fluminense Brazil 2–2 (a) Brazil Goiás 2–1 0–1
Peñarol Uruguay 3–2 Colombia Deportivo Cali 2–2 1–0
Universitario Bolivia 2–5 Peru Universidad César Vallejo 2–2 0–3
Internacional Brazil 1–3 Brazil Bahia 0–2 1–1
Independiente del Valle Ecuador 1–3 Paraguay Cerro Porteño 1–0 0–3
Gimnasia y Esgrima Argentina 0–1 Argentina Estudiantes 0–0 0–1
Emelec Ecuador 3–2 Uruguay River Plate 2–1 1–1
Criciúma Brazil 2–3 Brazil São Paulo 2–1 0–2
Barcelona Ecuador 1–2 Paraguay Libertad 1–0 0–2
Rosario Central Argentina 1–4 Argentina Boca Juniors 1–1 0–3
Atlético Nacional Colombia 3–3 (a) Paraguay General Díaz 0–2 3–1

Match O1

Sport Recife Brazil0–1Brazil Vitória
Report Beltrán Goal 9'
Attendance: 8,320[4]
Referee: Oscar Maldonado (Bolivia)

Vitória Brazil2–1Brazil Sport Recife
Willie Goal 21'
Marcinho Goal 73'
Report Rithely Goal 50'
Attendance: 2,592[4]
Referee: Leandro Vuaden (Brazil)

Vitória won 3–1 on aggregate.

Match O2

Capiatá Paraguay1–1Venezuela Caracas
C. López Goal 41' Report Otero Goal 89'

Caracas Venezuela1–3Paraguay Capiatá
Flores Goal 49' Report Ruiz Peralta Goal 27'47'
Ó. Ruiz Goal 68'

Deportivo Capiatá won 4–2 on aggregate.

Match O3

Godoy Cruz Argentina0–1Argentina River Plate
Report Pezzella Goal 90+1'
Attendance: 28,451[5]
Referee: Silvio Trucco (Argentina)

River Plate Argentina2–0Argentina Godoy Cruz
Mora Goal 27'31' Report
Attendance: 36,807[5]
Referee: Saúl Laverni (Argentina)

River Plate won 3–0 on aggregate.

Match O4

Huachipato Chile2–0Ecuador Universidad Católica
Vilches Goal 12'48' Report

Huachipato won 2–1 on aggregate.

Match O5

Fluminense Brazil2–1Brazil Goiás
Edson Goal 28'33' Report Erik Goal 90+3'

Goiás Brazil1–0Brazil Fluminense
Erik Goal 47' Report
Attendance: 11,024[4]
Referee: Francisco Nascimento (Brazil)

Tied 2–2 on aggregate, Goiás won on away goals.

Match O6

Peñarol won 3–2 on aggregate.

Match O8

Universitario Bolivia2–2Peru Universidad César Vallejo
Ballivián Goal 71'
Camacho Goal 90+4'
Report Pando Goal 50'
D. Chávez Goal 56'
Attendance: 16,000
Referee: Péricles Cortez (Brazil)

Universidad César Vallejo Peru3–0Bolivia Universitario
Millán Goal 56'
Pando Goal 62'
D. Chávez Goal 81'
Referee: Adrián Vélez (Colombia)

Universidad César Vallejo won 5–2 on aggregate.

Match O9

Internacional Brazil0–2Brazil Bahia
Report Lucas Fonseca Goal 42'
Diego Macedo Goal 46'
Attendance: 9,368[4]
Referee: Christian Ferreyra (Uruguay)

Bahia Brazil1–1Brazil Internacional
Henrique Goal 78' Report Diego Macedo Goal 45' (o.g.)

Bahia won 3–1 on aggregate.

Match O10

Cerro Porteño won 3–1 on aggregate.

Match O11

Estudiantes Argentina1–0Argentina Gimnasia y Esgrima
Vera Goal 49' Report

Estudiantes won 1–0 on aggregate.

Match O12

Emelec Ecuador2–1Uruguay River Plate
Mondaini Goal 26'
Bolaños Goal 47'
Report Santos Goal 73' (pen.)

River Plate Uruguay1–1Ecuador Emelec
L. Rodríguez Goal 34' Report Mena Goal 26'
Referee: Diego Ceballos (Argentina)

Emelec won 3–2 on aggregate.

Match O13

Criciúma Brazil2–1Brazil São Paulo
Silvinho Goal 15'
Lucca Goal 42'
Report Pato Goal 26'

São Paulo Brazil2–0Brazil Criciúma
Edson Silva Goal 32'
Kaká Goal 40'

São Paulo won 3–2 on aggregate.

Match O14

Libertad won 2–1 on aggregate.

Match O15

Rosario Central Argentina1–1Argentina Boca Juniors
Becker Goal 90+5' Report Marín Goal 36'

Boca Juniors Argentina3–0Argentina Rosario Central
A. Chávez Goal 20'70'
Fuenzalida Goal 83'

Boca Juniors won 4–1 on aggregate.

Match O16

Atlético Nacional Colombia0–2Paraguay General Díaz
Report P. Chávez Goal 16'
Cáceres Goal 25'

Tied 3–3 on aggregate, Atlético Nacional won on away goals.


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