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20th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party

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The 20th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (20th CC), officially the Central Committee of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, comprises 205 members and 171 alternates. It was elected at the 20th National Congress on 22 October 2022, and its term lasts until the election of the 21st Central Committee at the 21st National Congress, which is planned for 2027. The Central Committee, as the Party's highest decision-making body in the given period, is not a permanent body and convenes for an unspecified number of times.

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20th Central Committee
22 October 2022 – present
TypeCentral Committee of the Chinese Communist Party
Election20th Congress
General SecretaryXi Jinping
Politburo Standing Committee7 members
Politburo24 members
Secretariat7 members
Total205 members
Total171 alternates
No. of departments4 departments
Constitution of the Chinese Communist Party

In between sessions of the 20th CC, its powers and responsibilities are delegated to the Politburo, the Politburo Standing Committee and the Central Military Commission (CMC). At its 1st Plenary Session on 22 October, the CC elected the Politburo, Politburo Standing Committee and the CMC. It also endorsed the Politburo Standing Committee's nominees for members of the Secretariat, approved of the composition 20th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) and its Standing Committee and approved the elections of the CCDI secretary and CCDI deputy secretaries.

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