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Activity Streams is an open format specification for activity stream protocols, which are used to syndicate activities taken in social web applications and services, similar to those in Facebook's, Instagram's, and Twitter's.[1]

Quick facts: Filename extension, Internet media type,...
Activity Streams
Filename extension
Internet media type
Type of formatWeb syndication
Extended fromJSON-LD
StandardsW3C Activity Streams

The standard provides a general way to represent activities. For instance, the sentence "Jack added Hawaii to his list of places to visit" would be represented in ActivityStreams as actor:jack, verb:add, object:Hawaii, target:placestovisit.

Implementors of the activity Activity Streams draft include Gnip, Stream, Stream Framework, and

The largest open source library (based on watchers) is Stream Framework, the authors of Stream Framework also run In addition there is a trend of SOA (service-oriented architecture) where third parties power this type of functionality. [citation needed]