Albert Azzo II, Margrave of Milan

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Alberto Azzo II (997 in Modena – 20 August 1097 in Modena), Margrave of Milan, and Liguria, Count of Gavello, Padua, Rovigo, Lunigiana, Monselice, and Montagnana, was a powerful nobleman in the Holy Roman Empire. He is considered the founder of Casa d'Este (House of Este), having been head of the first family to be master of Este, a town of Padua.[1]

Quick facts: Albert Azzo II, Margrave of Milan, Born, Died...
Albert Azzo II, Margrave of Milan
Died(1097-08-20)20 August 1097 (aged 99-100)
Noble familyHouse of Este
Spouse(s)Kunigunde of Altdorf
Garsende of Maine
IssueWelf I
Fulco I
Hugh V
FatherAlbert Azzo I, Margrave of Milan
MotherAdela of Milan

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