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Andrew "Andy" Hardy is a fictional character best known for the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer series of 16 films in which he was played by Mickey Rooney. The main film series was released from 1937 to 1946, with a final film made in 1958 in an unsuccessful attempt to continue the series. Hardy and other characters initially appeared in the 1928 play Skidding by Aurania Rouverol.[1] Early films in the series were about the Hardy family as a whole, but later entries focused on the character of Andy Hardy. Rooney was the only member of the ensemble to appear in all 16 films. The Hardy films, which were enormously popular in their heyday, were sentimental comedies, celebrating ordinary American life.

Quick facts: Andy Hardy, First appearance, Last appearance...
Andy Hardy
Mickey Rooney (center) as Andy Hardy, with Judge Hardy (Lewis Stone) and Mrs. Hardy (Fay Holden), 1939
First appearanceStage:
Skidding (1928)
A Family Affair (1937)
Last appearanceAndy Hardy Comes Home (1958)
Created byAurania Rouverol
Portrayed byCharles Eaton (stage)
Mickey Rooney (film)
In-universe information
AliasAndrew Hardy
FamilyJudge James Hardy (father)
Emily Hardy (mother)
Marian Hardy (sister)