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Aomori Prefecture (青森県, Aomori-ken) [a̠o̞mo̞ɾʲikẽ̞ɴ] is a prefecture of Japan in the Tōhoku region.[2] The prefecture's capital, largest city, and namesake is the city of Aomori. Aomori is the northernmost prefecture on Japan's main island, Honshu, and is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the east, Iwate Prefecture to the southeast, Akita Prefecture to the southwest, the Sea of Japan to the west, and Hokkaido across the Tsugaru Strait to the north. Aomori Prefecture is the 8th-largest prefecture, with an area of 9,645.64 km2 (3,724.20 sq mi), and the 31st-most populous prefecture, with more than 1.2 million people. Approximately 45 percent of Aomori Prefecture's residents live in its two core cities, Aomori and Hachinohe, which lie on coastal plains. The majority of the prefecture is covered in forested mountain ranges, with population centers occupying valleys and plains. Aomori is the third-most populous prefecture in the Tōhoku region, after Miyagi Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture. Mount Iwaki, an active stratovolcano, is the prefecture's highest point, at almost 1,624.7 m (5,330 ft).

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Aomori Prefecture
Japanese transcription(s)
Mount Iwaki and apple blossom
Mount OsoreNebuta
Oirase RiverFurofushi Onsen
Flag of Aomori Prefecture
Official logo of Aomori Prefecture
Anthem: Aomori-ken sanka
Location of Aomori Prefecture
Establishment as part of Mutsu ProvinceAround 1094
Established as part of Rikuō Province7 December 1868
Establishment of Aomori Prefecture4 September 1871
  GovernorShingo Mimura
  Total9,645.64 km2 (3,724.20 sq mi)
Highest elevation1,624.7 m (5,330 ft)
Lowest elevation
(Pacific Ocean)
0 m (0 ft)
 (1 October 2020)
  Density130/km2 (330/sq mi)
ISO 3166 codeJP-02
Longitude139°30′ E to 141°41′ E
Latitude40°12′ N to 41°33′ N[1]
Symbols of Aomori Prefecture
AnthemHymn of Aomori Prefecture (青森県賛歌, Aomori-ken sanka)
SongMessage of the Blue Forest (青い森のメッセージ, Aoimori no messēji)
BirdBewick's swan (Cygnus bewickii)
FishJapanese halibut (Paralichthys olivaceus)
FlowerApple blossom (Malus domestica)
TreeHiba (Thujopsis dolabrata)

Humans have inhabited the prefecture for at least 15,000 years, and the oldest evidence of pottery in Japan was discovered at the Jōmon period Odai Yamamoto I site. After centuries of rule by the Nanbu and Tsugaru clans, the prefecture was formed out of the northern part of Mutsu Province during the Meiji Restoration. Though the prefecture remains dominated by primary sector industries, it also serves as a transportation hub due to its location at the northern end of Honshu.