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The Apollo/Skylab space suit (sometimes called the Apollo 11 Spacesuit due to the fact that it was most known for being used in the Apollo 11 Mission) is a class of space suits used in Apollo and Skylab missions. The names for both the Apollo and Skylab space suits were Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU).[2] The Apollo EMUs consisted of a Pressure Suit Assembly (PSA) aka "suit" and a Portable Life Support System (PLSS) that was more commonly called the "backpack".[3] The A7L was the PSA model used on the Apollo 7 through 14 missions.[4]

Neil Armstrong described his Apollo 11 A7L suit as "tough, reliable and almost cuddly."[1]

The subsequent Apollo 15-17 lunar missions,[5] Skylab,[6] and Apollo–Soyuz used A7LB pressure suits.[7] Additionally, these pressure suits varied by program usage. For the Skylab EMU, NASA elected to use an umbilical life support system named the Astronaut Life Support Assembly.

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