Army Group South

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Army Group South (German: Heeresgruppe Süd) was the name of one of three German Army Groups during World War II.

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Army Group South
German: Heeresgruppe Süd
Briefing at the headquarters of Army Group South at Poltava on 1 June 1942
Active1 September – 26 October 1939
22 June 1941 – 9 July 1942
9 February 1943 – 4 April 1944
23 September 1944 – 1 April 1945
CountryFlag_of_Germany_%281935%E2%80%931945%29.svg Germany
BranchHeer_-_decal_for_helmet_1942.svg Heer (Balkenkreuz.svg Wehrmacht)
Size1 July 1942: 1,210,861[1]
EngagementsWorld War II
Gerd von Rundstedt, Fedor von Bock, Walter von Reichenau, Erich von Manstein

It was first used in the 1939 September Campaign, along with Army Group North to invade Poland. In the Invasion of Poland Army Group South was led by Gerd von Rundstedt and his chief of staff Erich von Manstein.

Two years later, Army Group South became one of three army groups into which Germany organised their forces for Operation Barbarossa. Army Group South's principal objective was to capture Soviet Ukraine and its capital Kiev.[2]

In September 1944, the Army Group South Ukraine was renamed Army Group South in Eastern Hungary. It fought in Western Hungary until March 1945 and retired to Austria at the end of the Second World War, where it was renamed Army Group Ostmark on 2 April 1945.

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