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Arp or ARP may refer to: Andrice Arp (born 1969), U.S. comics artist and illustrator Bill Arp (1826-1903) Nom de plume for Charles Henry Smith, an American

Address Resolution Protocol

The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is a communication protocol used for discovering the link layer address, such as a MAC address, associated with

ARP spoofing

networking, ARP spoofing, ARP cache poisoning, or ARP poison routing, is a technique by which an attacker sends (spoofed) Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) messages


arping is a computer software tool for discovering and probing hosts on a computer network. Arping probes hosts on the examined network link by sending

Arp2/3 complex

Arp2/3 complex is a seven-subunit protein complex that plays a major role in the regulation of the actin cytoskeleton. It is a major component of the actin