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Asharh (Bengali: আষাঢ় āshāḍh, Odia: ଆଷାଢ଼ āsāḍha) is the third month of the Bengali and Odia calendars[1][page needed] and the Nepali system of the Hindu calendar.[2] It is the first of the two months that comprise the wet season, locally known as "Barsha" (Bengali: বর্ষা Bôrsha, Nepali: वर्षा Barsha, Odia: ବର୍ଷା Barsā), when the monsoon winds blow.[3] It is one of the first five months of the year that have 31 days, according to the Bangladeshi version of the Bengali Calendar.[4] In the Indian version of the Bengali Calendar, the month can have up to 32 days.[5]

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The arrival of monsoon in the month of Asharh helps nature get refreshed after the scorching summer
Native nameআষাঢ় (Bengali)
Month number
  • 3
Number of days
  • 31 (Bangladesh);
  • 31/32 (India)
SeasonRainy Season
Gregorian equivalentJune-July