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Decimius Magnus Ausonius[1] (/ɔːˈsniəs/; c.310 c. 395) was a Roman poet and teacher of rhetoric from Burdigala in Aquitaine, modern Bordeaux, France. For a time he was tutor to the future emperor Gratian, who afterwards bestowed the consulship on him. His best-known poems are Mosella, a description of the river Moselle, and Ephemeris, an account of a typical day in his life. His many other verses show his concern for his family, friends, teachers, and circle of well-to-do acquaintances and his delight in the technical handling of meter.

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Decimius Magnus Ausonius
Monument to Ausonius in Milan.
Bornc. 310
Diedc. 395
Occupation(s)poet, teacher