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Auto-vampirism is a form of vampirism that refers to drinking one's own blood, typically as a form of sexual gratification.[2] As a mental disorder, this is also called as autohemophagia, which is derived from three Greek words: auto, which means "self"; hemo, for "blood"; and, phag, meaning "to eat".[3] Although closely related to vampirism, the two differ in that vampirism is a sadistic act while auto-vampirism is on the side of masochism.[4] Along with drinking their own blood, most practitioners of auto-vampirism also engage in self-harm in order to obtain the blood.[5]

Quick facts: Autovampirism, Specialty, Symptoms, Usual ons...
SymptomsSuturing, opening of wounds; self-harm
Usual onsetPuberty[1]
CausesUsually after traumatic incident