Avag Zakarian

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Avag Mkhargrdzeli or Zakarian (died 1250 AD) was a Georgian noble of Armenian[1][2] descent, he was atabeg and amirspasalar of Georgia during the 13th century.[3]

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Avag Mkhargrdzeli
SuccessorKuashak Zakarian
BuriedHaghpat Monastery
Noble familyMkhargrdzeli
IssueKuashak Zakarian
FatherIvane Mkhargrdzeli

The eastern areas Bjni, Gegharkunik, Vayots-dzor, Artsakh, Siunik, Nakhichevan, Dvin and Yerevan were under the jurisdiction of the atabeg Ivane Mkhargrdzeli and his son Avag. First Dvin and later Bjni were centres of this division. The subjects of Ivane’s family were the Orbelians, Khaghbakian, Dopians, Hasan-Jalalyan and others.

His sister, Tamta, through forced marriages to members of the Saladin and Khwarazmian dynasties, and capture by the Mongol empire, served as governor, regent, or ruler of Akhlat at points throughout the early 13th century.[4]