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Basilica Sempronia

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The Basilica Sempronia was a structure in the Roman Forum during the Republican period.[1] It was one of four basilicas to make up the original Roman Forum alongside the Basilica Porcia, Basilica Aemilia, and Basilica Opimia, and was the third built.[2] Although excavations have revealed remains of the basilica as well as the structures that originally stood in its place, none of them are visible from the Roman Forum.[3][4]

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Basilica Sempronia
A modern model of Basilica Sempronia
Basilica Sempronia is located in Rome
Basilica Sempronia
Basilica Sempronia
Shown within Rome
Coordinates41.891979°N 12.484884°E / 41.891979; 12.484884
BuilderTiberius Sempronius Gracchus
Founded169 BC