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Baseball Prospectus (BP) is an organization that publishes a website,, devoted to the sabermetric analysis of baseball. BP has a staff of regular columnists and provides advanced statistics as well as player and team performance projections on the site. Since 1996 the BP staff has also published a Baseball Prospectus annual as well as several other books devoted to baseball analysis and history.

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Baseball Prospectus
Type of site
Sports Analytics, Sports Commentary
Created byMultiple
EditorCraig Goldstein
Launched1996 (1996)
Current statusOnline

Baseball Prospectus has originated several popular new statistical tools that have become hallmarks of baseball analysis. Baseball Prospectus is accredited by the Baseball Writers' Association of America. Four of Baseball Prospectus's current regular writers [who?] are members of the Baseball Writers' Association of America and thus eligible to vote for nominees for Major League Baseball's post-season awards and the Baseball Hall of Fame.[1]