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Beau Hunks is a 1931 American Pre-Code Laurel and Hardy film, directed by James W. Horne. The title is a reference to the Beau Geste trilogy (Beau Geste (1924), Beau Sabreur (1926) and Beau Ideal (1927) and the Hollywood films of the same period based on them); to the line in Beau Sabreur where Buddy says '"Sure thing, Son Hank — if a gang of Touareg Bohunks couldn't, French troops couldn't. . . . I s'pose it is us he's after?"';[1] or to bohunk, a common ethnic slur of the time in the United States. At 37 minutes, it is the longest Laurel and Hardy short. The French Foreign Legion scenario was reused in The Flying Deuces with Charles B. Middleton again playing their commanding officer.

Quick facts: Beau Hunks, Directed by, Written by, Produced...
Beau Hunks
Theatrical poster for Beau Hunks (1931)
Directed byJames W. Horne
Written byH.M. Walker
Produced byHal Roach
StarringStan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
CinematographyArt Lloyd
Jack Stevens
Edited byRichard C. Currier
Music byLeroy Shield
Distributed byMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date
December 12, 1931
Running time
37' 21"
CountryUnited States

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