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Bebek family

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The coat of arms of the Bebek family
The coat of arms of the Bebek family

Bebek (also Bubek) is the name of an ancient Hungarian noble family. The history of this family is connected with the areas in present-day Slovakia, notably in Gemer region, where they had their dominion.


The first mention of this family is from the year 1243, when the king Béla IV of Hungary after the Mongol invasion donated domains at upper Gemer to brothers Derek and Philip. Both Slovak and Hungarian historians consider these brothers as members gens (clan) Ákos.

In the year 1318, descendants of Derek and Philip divided their heritage. Family had divided in two lines: Bebek de Pelsőc and Bebek de Csetnek branches, after the centre of their lands (present-day Plešivec and Štítnik, respectively).

Pelsőc (Plešivec) had become the centre of Bebek family. Dominic Bebek decided to build here a castle, and along with the castle, he had built Gothic Church of St. George, which was mentioned for the first time in 1314. In the early 15th century, Gothic funeral chapel was built next to the church, but only one member of the family is buried in it: Ladislaus Bebek.[1]

In the 14th century, construction of Krásna Hôrka Castle (Hungarian: Krasznahorka) started. The Bebek family was the owner of this castle from its construction until 1566, with the exception of short time, when it has been owned by the Máriássy family.[2] After the Bebeks engaged in the conflict with the Emperor, castle in Plešivec was destroyed and Krásna Hôrka Castle was taken from the family. George Bebek had retreated to Transylvania, where he died in 1567, without descendants. The Bebek family have died out.[3]

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of the Bebek family is formed by the silver patriarchal cross with the bars of equal length, which is placed in the red early Gothic shield. On the top of the cross are placed bird feathers. The coat of arms of the Bebek family was evolving and different variants of it exist.



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Bebek family
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