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A biologist is a scientist who conducts research in biology.[1][2] Biologists are interested in studying life on Earth, whether it is an individual cell, a multicellular organism, or a community of interacting populations.[1] They usually specialize in a particular branch (e.g., molecular biology, zoology, and evolutionary biology) of biology[3] and have a specific research focus (e.g., studying malaria or cancer).[4]

Francesco Redi, founder of biology

Biologists who are involved in basic research have the aim of advancing knowledge about the natural world.[1] They conduct their research using the scientific method, which is an empirical method for testing hypotheses.[1][5] Their discoveries may have applications for some specific purpose such as in biotechnology, which has the goal of developing medically useful products for humans.[1][6]

In modern times, most biologists have one or more academic degrees such as a bachelor's degree plus an advanced degree like a master's degree or a doctorate.[3][7][8] Like other scientists, biologists can be found working in different sectors of the economy such as in academia, nonprofits, private industry, or government.[9]