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Blitzchung controversy

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In October 2019, American video game developer Blizzard Entertainment punished Ng Wai Chung (吳偉聰) (known as Blitzchung), a Hong Kong esports player of the online video game Hearthstone, for voicing his support of the 2019–2020 Hong Kong protests during an official streaming event. Blizzard also terminated their contract with the two livestream presenters who were interviewing Blitzchung. The public's response, which included a boycott and a letter from United States Congress representatives to Activision Blizzard, prompted Blizzard to reduce the punishment, but not to eliminate it.

Blitzchung, a pro-democracy player representing Hong Kong, in a tournament against another player, at the Google Play Booth B211, World Trade Center One, USA, January 28, 2019. In this photo, Blitzchung's opponent appears to be requesting assistance from a Blizzard employee during the match. This photo predates the Blitzchung controversy by about ten months.