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The Bolsheviks (Russian: Большевики́, IPA: [bəlʲʂɨvʲɪˈkʲi], from большинство́ boľšinstvó, 'majority')[lower-alpha 1] were a far-left, revolutionary Marxist faction founded by Vladimir Lenin that split with the Mensheviks[lower-alpha 2] from the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP), a revolutionary socialist political party formed in 1898, at its Second Party Congress in 1903.[3]

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SuccessorRussian Communist Party (Bolsheviks)
Formation1903; 120 years ago (1903)
FoundersVladimir Lenin
Dissolved1952; 71 years ago (1952)[1]
ProductsPravda (newspaper)
LeaderVladimir Lenin
Parent organization
Russian Social Democratic Labour Party
Formerly called

After forming their own party in 1912, the Bolsheviks took power during the October Revolution in the Russian Republic in November 1917, overthrowing the Provisional Government of Alexander Kerensky, and became the only ruling party in the subsequent Soviet Russia and later the Soviet Union. They considered themselves the leaders of the revolutionary proletariat of Russia.[citation needed] Their beliefs and practices were often referred to as Bolshevism.