Rodeo (ballet)

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Rodeo is a ballet composed by Aaron Copland and choreographed by Agnes de Mille, which premiered in 1942. Subtitled "The Courting at Burnt Ranch", the ballet consists of five sections: "Buckaroo Holiday", "Corral Nocturne", "Ranch House Party", "Saturday Night Waltz", and "Hoe-Down". The symphonic version omits "Ranch House Party", leaving the other sections relatively intact.

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ChoreographerAgnes de Mille
MusicAaron Copland
Premiere16 October 1942
Metropolitan Opera House, New York City
CharactersAmerican Cowgirl
Champion Roper
Head Wrangler
Rancher's Daughter
DesignOliver Smith
Setting19th Century American Southwest
Created forBallet Russe de Monte Carlo