Budapest Open Access Initiative

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The Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) is a public statement of principles relating to open access to the research literature,[1] which was released to the public on February 14, 2002.[2] It arose from a conference convened in Budapest by the Open Society Institute on December 1–2, 2001 to promote open access which at that time was also known as Free Online Scholarship.[3][4] This small gathering of individuals has been recognised as one of the major defining events of the open access movement.[1] As of 2021, the text of the initiative had been translated to 13 languages.[5]

Participants at meeting in Budapest, December 1, 2001

On the 10th anniversary of the initiative in 2012, the ends and means of the original initiative were reaffirmed and supplemented with a set of concrete recommendations for achieving open access in the next 10 years.[6][7]