Buddhism in Bhutan

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The official religion in Bhutan is Buddhism, which is practiced by between 73-85% of the population.[1][2]

Bhutanese Buddhist monk looking out the window of a monastery

Although the Buddhism practiced in Bhutan originated in Tibetan Buddhism, it differs significantly in its rituals, liturgy, and monastic organization.[3] The state religion has long been supported financially by the government through annual subsidies to Buddhist monasteries, shrines, monks, and nuns.[3] In the modern era, support of the state religion during the reign of Jigme Dorji Wangchuck includes the manufacture of 10,000 gilded bronze images of the Buddha, publication of elegant calligraphic editions of the 108-volume Kangyur (Collection of the Words of the Buddha) and the 225-volume Tengyur (Collection of Commentaries), and the construction of numerous chorten (stupas) throughout the country.[3] Guaranteed representation in the National Assembly and the Royal Advisory Council, Buddhists constitute the majority of society and are assured an influential voice in public policy.[3]

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