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The Catalan constitutions (Catalan: Constitucions catalanes, IPA: [kunstitusiˈons kətəˈlanəs]) were the laws of the Principality of Catalonia promulgated by the Count of Barcelona and approved by the Catalan Courts. The Corts in Catalan have the same origin as courts in English (the sovereign's councillors or retinue) but instead meaning the legislature. The first constitutions were promulgated by the Corts of 1283. The last ones were promulgated by the Corts of 1705. They had pre-eminence over the other legal rules and could only be revoked by the Catalan Courts themselves. The compilations of the constitutions and other rights of Catalonia followed the Roman tradition of the Codex.

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Constitutions of Catalonia
Constitucions de Catalunya
Compilation of 1702
Catalan Courts
Territorial extentPrincipality of Catalonia
Enacted byCatalan Courts
Enacted1283 (first), 1706 (last)
Introduced byCount of Barcelona
Repealed by
Nueva Planta decrees (1716)
Related legislation
Usages of Barcelona