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Chojnice County

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Chojnice County (Kashubian: Chòniczzi kréz, Polish: powiat chojnicki) is a unit of territorial administration and local government (powiat) in Pomeranian Voivodeship, northern Poland. It came into being on January 1, 1999, as a result of the Polish local government reforms passed in 1998. Its administrative seat and largest town is Chojnice, which lies 103 kilometres (64 mi) south-west of the regional capital Gdańsk. The county also contains the towns of Czersk, lying 30 km (19 mi) east of Chojnice, and Brusy, 24 km (15 mi) north-east of Chojnice.

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Chojnice County
Powiat chojnicki
Coordinates (Chojnice): 53°42′N 17°33′E
Country Poland
  Total1,364.25 km2 (526.74 sq mi)
  Density72/km2 (190/sq mi)
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The county covers an area of 1,364.25 square kilometres (526.7 sq mi). As of 2019 its total population is 97,616, out of which the population of Chojnice is 39,890, that of Czersk is 9,910, that of Brusy is 5,188, and the rural population is 42,628.[1]

Chojnice County on a map of the counties of Pomeranian Voivodeship

Chojnice County is bordered by Bytów County and Kościerzyna County to the north, Starogard County and Tuchola County to the east, Sępólno County to the south, and Człuchów County to the west.

Villages belonging to Landreis Konitz; Konitz (on top) and the Koschneiderei 1926