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Coat of arms of Barcelona

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The coat of arms of Barcelona is the official emblem of the City Council of Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, has its origin in the Middle Ages, these arms were first documented in 1329.[1] The Government of Catalonia conferred the coat of arms and the flag as official symbols of the municipality in 2004. It has an escutcheon in lozenge which is commonly used in municipal coats of arms of cities in Catalonia.[2] Currently the City Council of Barcelona also uses an isotype based on the heraldry of the city.

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Coat of arms of
the City Barcelona
ArmigerCity Council of Barcelona
CrestSpanish Royal Crown
BlazonQuarterly: 1 and 4 the Saint George's Cross, 2 and 3 the Royal Bars of Aragon

The blazon of the arms is:

Quarterly, first and fourth Argent, a full cross Gules, second and third Or, with four paletts Gules; for a Crest, a royal crown (with half-arches, monde, and cross).

Official Gazette of Catalonia - DOGC, no. 4114[3]