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Col du Perthus

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The Col du Perthus (in Catalan: Coll de Pertús) is a mountain pass of the Pyrenees on the France–Spain border, between the Pyrénées-Orientales in Languedoc-Roussillon, Midi-Pyrénées and the Province of Girona in Catalonia.

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Col du Perthus
The French side of the pass, with Le Perthus Pyramid to the right
Elevation290 m (951 ft)
Traversed byD900, A9, N-II, AP-7
LocationLe Perthus
Coordinates42°27′50″N 2°51′56″E
Col du Perthus is located in France
Col du Perthus
Col du Perthus
Location of the Col du Perthus in France

Rising to an altitude of 290 metres (950 ft), it is one of the lowest border passes in the Pyrenees. It marks the western boundary of the Albera Massif. The village of Le Perthus was founded at the col in 1836.[1] The location is the subject of a noted engraving by Gustave Doré, reproduced in Doré’s Spain.[2]