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Colony of Jamaica

English/British colony in The Caribbean from 1655 to 1962 / From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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The Crown Colony of Jamaica and Dependencies was a British colony from 1655, when it was captured by the English Protectorate from the Spanish Empire. Jamaica became a British colony from 1707 and a Crown colony in 1866. The Colony was primarily used for sugarcane production, and experienced many slave rebellions over the course of British rule.[3] Jamaica was granted independence in 1962.

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Crown Colony of Jamaica and Dependencies
Motto: Indus Uterque Serviet Uni
"The two Indies will serve as one"
Anthem: God Save the Queen
Location of Jamaica
StatusColony of England (1655–1707)
Colony of Great Britain (1707–1801)
Colony of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (1801–1922)
Colony of the United Kingdom (1922–1962)
CapitalSpanish Town (1655–1872)
Port Royal (de facto, 1655–1692)
Kingston (1872–1962)
Common languagesEnglish, Jamaican Patois, Spanish
Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Bedwardism, Rastafari, Traditional African religion, Afro-American religion
GovernmentColony under parliamentary republic (1655–1660)
Colony under constitutional monarchy (1660–1962)
Head of State 
Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell
Queen Elizabeth II
William Penn
Kenneth Blackburne
Chief Minister 
Alexander Bustamante
Norman Manley
Legislative Council
House of Representatives
10 May 1655
 Attachment of
Bay Islands
British Honduras
Cayman Islands
Turks and Caicos

15 June 1852
18 July 1670
4 April 1873
 Detachment of
Bay Islands
British Honduras
Cayman Islands
Turks and Caicos

14 July 1860
2 October 1884
4 July 1959
4 July 1959
6 August 1962
ISO 3166 codeJM
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Flag_of_Cross_of_Burgundy.svg Spanish Jamaica
Flag_of_Cross_of_Burgundy.svg Spanish West Indies
Flag_of_Cross_of_Burgundy.svg Captaincy General of Guatemala
Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg Turks and Caicos Islands
Jamaica Flag_of_Jamaica.svg
Cayman Islands Flag_of_the_Cayman_Islands_%28pre-1999%29.svg
Bay Islands Flag_of_Honduras_%281839-1866%29.svg
British Honduras Flag_of_British_Honduras_%281919%E2%80%931981%29.svg
Turks and Caicos Islands Flag_of_the_Turks_and_Caicos_Islands_%281889%E2%80%931968%29.svg