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Compaq Portable 386

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The Compaq Portable 386 is a computer released by Compaq Computer Corporation in 1987.[1] It was equipped with a 20 MHz Intel 80386 CPU, 1 MB RAM, 16 KB ROM, 1.2 MB 5¼-inch floppy, 40 or 100 MB hard disk drive, priced at US$7,999 or 9,999 respectively,[1][2] and a 10" amber gas-plasma display.[1]

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Compaq Portable 386
Compaq Portable 386
ManufacturerCompaq Computer Corporation, United States
TypePortable computer
Release dateOctober 1987; 35 years ago (October 1987)[1]
Introductory priceUS$7,999 (equivalent to $20,600 in 2022)
Discontinued1999; 24 years ago (1999)[citation needed]
Operating systemMS-DOS 3.3, upgradable to 6.1. Also supports Windows 3.1.
CPUIntel 80386 @ 20 MHz, Intel 80387 (FPU) option
Memory1–10 MB RAM[1]
Storage1.2 MB 5¼-inch floppy
40 or 100 MB hard disk drive
Display10" amber gas-plasma display
Graphics640 × 400 resolution CGA, 80/40 × 25 text
SoundPIT using a mini speaker
ConnectivityCGA, serial, parallel, ISA expansion bus[1]
Dimensions41 (width) × 19.2 (depth) × 24.8 (height) cm
Mass11 kg (24 lb)
PredecessorCompaq Portable III
SuccessorCompaq Portable 486

Early versions of the Compaq Portable 386 were sold with the Compaq Portable III case and badges. A differing screen bezel stating "386/20" was the only externally visible change.

Network General resold a customized version of the Compaq Portable 386 as the "Sniffer" Network Analyzer.[3]