Cooee! (/ˈk/) is a shout originated in Australia to attract attention, find missing people, or indicate one's own location. When done correctly—loudly and shrilly—a call of "cooee" can carry over a considerable distance.[1] The distance one's cooee call travels can be a matter of competitive pride. It is also known as a call of help, distinct amongst the natural sounds of the bush.

Australia World War I recruitment poster depicts an Australian soldier in the Dardanelles using the "Coo-ee" to summon reinforcements from Australia, 1915

The word "cooee" originates from the Dharug language of Aboriginal Australians in the Sydney area. The call was used by Aborigines to communicate with another person at a distance. 'Coo-ee' was typically expressed as a long loud call ending on a shrill rising inflection on the 'ee'.[2] The call was later adopted by the colonial settlers and was widely used as a signal, especially in the bush.[3] It means "come here" and has now become widely used in Australia as a call over distances.[4]