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Crime Doctor is a radio crime drama in the United States. Sponsored by Philip Morris cigarettes, it was broadcast on CBS August 4, 1940 – October 19, 1947.[1]

Quick facts: Other names, Genre, Running time, Country of ...
Crime Doctor
Other namesMax Marcin's Crime Doctor
GenreCrime drama
Running time25 minutes
Country of originUnited States
StarringRay Collins
House Jameson
John McIntire
Hugh Marlowe
Brian Donlevy
Everett Sloane
AnnouncerKen Roberts
Charles O'Connor
Nelson Case
Created byMax Marcin
Written byMax Marcin
Directed byPaul Monroe
Jack Johnstone
Produced byMax Marcin
Original releaseAugust 4, 1940 
October 19, 1947
Sponsored byPhilip Morris Cigarettes