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Crown of the Kingdom of Poland

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The Crown of the Kingdom of Poland (Polish: Korona Królestwa Polskiego; Latin: Corona Regni Poloniae) was a political and legal idea formed in the 14th century, assuming unity, indivisibility and continuity of the state. According to this concept, the state ceased to be the patrimonial property of the monarch or dynasty, but became a common good of the political community of the kingdom.[3] Such an idea allowed the state to function even in periods of interregnum and led to the formation of a system characteristic of Poland based on the parliamentarism of the nobility and the free election of the ruler.[4] At the same time, the idea of the crown went beyond existing political boundaries; lands lost in the past were considered to belong to it.[5]

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Crown of the Kingdom of Poland
Korona Królestwa Polskiego (Polish)
Corona Regni Poloniae (Latin)
Anthem: "Bogurodzica"
"Mother of God"

"Gaude Mater Polonia"[1]
"Rejoice, oh Mother Poland"
The Crown of the Kingdom of Poland (red) within the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1635.
The Crown of the Kingdom of Poland (red) within the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1635.
StatusPart of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569–1795)
Official languagesPolish, Latin
Roman Catholicism (state religion)[2]
Demonym(s)Poles, Polish
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary Elective constitutional monarchy
Chamber of Deputies
Historical eraMiddle Ages
Early modern Europe
August 14 1386
1 July 1569
May 3, 1791
January 7 1795
ISO 3166 codePL
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Flag_of_the_Kingdom_of_Poland.svg Kingdom of Poland
Austrian Habsburg Monarchy Flag_of_the_Habsburg_Monarchy.svg
Russian Empire Flag_of_Russia.svg
Kingdom of Prussia Flag_of_the_Kingdom_of_Prussia_%281750-1801%29.svg

The idea of the Crown in Central Europe first appeared in Bohemia and Hungary, from where the model was taken by kings Ladislaus the Short and Casimir III the Great to strengthen their power. During the reign of Louis the Great in Poland, who spent most of his time in Hungary, as well as during the interregnum following his death and the regency during the minority of his daughter Jadwiga, the idea was adopted by the lords of the kingdom to emphasize their own role as co-responsible for the state.[6]