Cuban War of Independence

War between the Spanish Empire and Cuban rebels from 1895 to 1898 / From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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The Cuban War of Independence (Spanish: Guerra de Independencia cubana), also known in Cuba as The Necessary War (Spanish: La Guerra Necesaria),[5] fought from 1895 to 1898, was the last of three liberation wars that Cuba fought against Spain, the other two being the Ten Years' War (1868–1878)[6] and the Little War (1879–1880). The final three months of the conflict escalated to become the Spanish–American War, with United States forces being deployed in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippine Islands against Spain. Historians disagree as to the extent that United States officials were motivated to intervene for humanitarian reasons but agree that yellow journalism exaggerated atrocities attributed to Spanish forces against Cuban civilians.

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Cuban War of Independence
Lieutenant General Antonio Maceo's cavalry charge during the Battle of Ceja del Negro
DateFebruary 24, 1895 – December 10, 1898
(3 years, 9 months, 2 weeks and 2 days)

American intervention; independence granted in 1902

Flag_of_Spain_%281785%E2%80%931873%2C_1875%E2%80%931931%29.svg Spain
Commanders and leaders
53,774[1]:308 196,000[1]
Casualties and losses
5,480 killed
3,437 dead from disease[2]
9,413 killed[1]
53,313 dead from disease[1]
300,000 Cuban civilians dead[3][4][1]