Cyclopædia, or an Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences

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Cyclopædia: or, An Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences is an encyclopedia prepared by Ephraim Chambers and first published in 1728;[1] six more editions appeared between 1728 and 1751 with a Supplement in 1753.[2] The Cyclopædia was one of the first general encyclopedias to be produced in English.

Ephraim Chambers Cyclopædia (1728)
Table of Trigonometry, 1728 Cyclopædia

The title-page of the first edition summarizes the aims of the author:

Cyclopædia: or, An Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences; containing the Definitions of the Terms, and Accounts of the Things signify'd thereby, in the several Arts, both Liberal and Mechanical, and the several Sciences, Human and Divine: the Figures, Kinds, Properties, Productions, Preparations, and Uses, of Things Natural and Artificial; the Rise, Progress, and State of Things Ecclesiastical, Civil, Military, and Commercial: with the several Systems, Sects, Opinions, &c. among Philosophers, Divines, Mathematicians, Physicians, Antiquaries, Criticks, &c. The Whole intended as a Course of Antient and Modern Learning.