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DENK (Dutch pronunciation: [dɛŋk]; Dutch for "think" and Turkish for "equal" or "balanced"[19]) is a political party in the Netherlands, founded on a minority rights platform.[24] It is legally registered as "Politieke Beweging Denk" (Political Movement Denk).[25]

Quick facts: DENK , Leader, Chairman, Leader in the House ...
LeaderStephan van Baarle
ChairmanEjder Köse[1]
Leader in the House
of Representatives
Stephan van Baarle
FoundersTunahan Kuzu
Selçuk Öztürk
Founded9 February 2015
Split fromLabour Party
HeadquartersLodewijk Pincoffsweg 503,Rotterdam
Youth wingJongerenbeweging Oppositie[2]
Think tankWetenschappelijk Instituut Statera[3]
Membership (2023)Decrease 3,456[4]
Political positionCentre-left[23]
Colours  Turquoise
0 / 75
House of Representatives
3 / 150
Provincial councils
0 / 570
European Parliament
0 / 29

The party was founded by Tunahan Kuzu and Selçuk Öztürk, two Turkish Dutch members of the House of Representatives, after leaving the Labour Party on 13 November 2014. Upon winning three seats at the 2017 election, DENK became the first migrant-founded party to gain seats in the Dutch national parliament.[26]

Although the party has been colloquially described as a "Muslim political party", DENK "does not promote Muslim candidates as do most similar political parties in Europe".[12] Indeed, during DENK's second State elections in 2021, Stephan van Baarle, an agnostic,[27] also became a DENK member of the House of Representatives. The party BIJ1 was created by Sylvana Simons when she left DENK in 2016, and the two parties overlap substantially on minority rights issues but are divergent on cultural liberal aspects.

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