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Malcolm Douglas McIlroy (born 1932) is a mathematician, engineer, and programmer. As of 2019 he is an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Dartmouth College. McIlroy is best known for having originally proposed Unix pipelines and developed several Unix tools, such as spell, diff, sort, join, graph, speak, and tr.[1] He was also one of the pioneering researchers of macro processors and programming language extensibility. He participated in the design of multiple influential programming languages, particularly PL/I, SNOBOL, ALTRAN, TMG and C++.

Quick facts: Malcolm Douglas McIlroy, Born, Alma mate... ā–¼
Malcolm Douglas McIlroy
McIlroy at the Japan Prize Foundation in 2011
Born1932 (age 90ā€“91)
Alma materCornell University (B.S., 1954)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Ph.D., 1959)
Known forMacros, Unix pipelines, Unix philosophy, software componentry, echo, diff, sort, join, RUNOFF, tr, Unix manual
Scientific career
FieldsComputer science, mathematics, engineering
ThesisOn the Solution of the Differential Equations of Conical Shells (1959)
Doctoral advisorsEric Reissner
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His seminal work on software componentization[2] and code reuse[3][4] makes him a pioneer of component-based software engineering and software product line engineering.