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Dungan people

Term used in former Soviet Union territories to refer to Muslims of Hui Chinese origin / From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Dungan[lower-alpha 1] is a term used in territories of the former Soviet Union to refer to a group of Muslim people of Hui origin.[6] Turkic-speaking peoples in Xinjiang Province in Northwestern China also sometimes refer to Hui Muslims as Dungans.[7] In both China and the former Soviet republics where they reside, however, members of this ethnic group call themselves Hui because Dungans are descendants of historical Hui groups that migrated to Central Asia.

Quick facts: Хуэйзў / 回族 / Hueizû, Total population, Regio...
Dungan people
Хуэйзў / 回族 / Hueizû
Dungan girls in Sortobe, Kazakhstan
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Flag_of_Kyrgyzstan.svg Kyrgyzstan (2021 census)76,573[1]
Flag_of_Kazakhstan.svg Kazakhstan (2019 census)74,409[2]
Flag_of_the_People%27s_Republic_of_China.svg China13,000 (?)
Flag_of_Russia.svg Russia (2010 census)1,651[3]
Flag_of_Altai_Republic.svg Altai Republic1,186
Flag_of_Altai_Krai.svg Altai Krai180
Flag_of_Tuva.svg Tuva100
Flag_of_Kemerovo_Oblast.svg Kemerovo Oblast90
Flag_of_Krasnoyarsk_Krai.svg Krasnoyarsk Krai75
Flag_of_Novosibirsk_oblast.svg Novosibirsk Oblast100
Flag_of_Khakassia.svg Khakassia30
Flag_of_Tajikistan.svg Tajikistan6,000
Flag_of_Mongolia.svg Mongolia5,300
Flag_of_Uzbekistan.svg Uzbekistan1,900
Flag_of_Ukraine.svg Ukraine133[4]
Dungan or Mandarin Chinese
Secondary languages:
Sunni Islam
Related ethnic groups
Hui, Han people
Alleged flag of Tunganistan.[5]

In the censuses of the countries of the former Soviet Union, the Dungans (enumerated separately from Chinese) are found in Kazakhstan (36,900 according to the 1999 census), Kyrgyzstan (58,409 according to the 2009 census) and Russia (801 according to the 2002 census).[8][9][3]