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Eastern United States

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The Eastern United States, often abbreviated as simply The East or The East Coast, is a region of the United States located east of the Mississippi River.[1] It includes 26 states and the national capital of Washington, D.C.

The area ceded to the United States in 1783 by Great Britain (in light brown) following the victory of George Washington and the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War is recognized as the Eastern United States.
A video of the Eastern United States taken by the crew of Expedition 29 from the International Space Station as it passed over the region in 2011

As of 2011, the Eastern United States had an estimated population exceeding 179 million, representing the majority, over 58 percent, of the total U.S. population.[2][3][4]

The three most populous cities in the Eastern United States are New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

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