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Eastern Wei

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Wei (/w/), known in historiography as the Eastern Wei (simplified Chinese: 东魏; traditional Chinese: 東魏; pinyin: Dōng Wèi), was an imperial dynasty of China that followed the disintegration of the Northern Wei dynasty. One of the Northern dynasties during the Northern and Southern dynasties period, the Eastern Wei ruled the eastern part of northern China from 534 to 550. As with the Northern Wei, the ruling family of the Eastern Wei were members of the Tuoba clan of the Xianbei.

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Eastern Wei and neighbors
Eastern Wei and neighbors
CapitalLuoyang (534)
Yecheng (534–550)
Emperor Xiaojing of Eastern Wei
8 November[1] 534
7 June[2] 550
CurrencyChinese coin,
Chinese cash
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Blank.png Northern Wei
Northern Qi Blank.png
Today part ofChina