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Ege Bamyası (Turkish pronunciation: [ˈeɟe ˈbamjasɯ], lit. "Aegean okra") is the third studio album by German krautrock band Can, originally released as an LP in 1972 by United Artists. The album contains the single "Spoon", which charted in the Top 10 in Germany, largely because of its use as the theme of a German TV thriller mini-series called Das Messer (The Knife). The success of the single allowed Can to move to a better studio, in which they recorded Ege Bamyası.

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Ege Bamyası
Studio album by
Released29 November 1972
RecordedDecember 1971 - June 1972
StudioInner Space Studio, Weilerswist, near Cologne
LabelUnited Artists
Can chronology
Tago Mago
Ege Bamyası
Future Days
Singles from Ege Bamyası
  1. "Spoon"
    Released: 1971
  2. "Vitamin C"
    Released: 1972
  3. "I'm So Green"
    Released: 1972

Ege Bamyası was remastered as a hybrid SACD in 2004, which includes a booklet with commentary on the album by former Melody Maker journalist David Stubbs, as well as previously unreleased photos of the band. The album has received much critical acclaim since its release and has been cited as an influence by various artists. Several artists have played cover versions of songs from Ege Bamyası. Remix versions of several tracks by various artists are included on the album Sacrilege.