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The Elder House of Welf (known as Rudolphins in Burgundy)[1][2] was a Frankish noble dynasty of European rulers documented since the 9th century. Closely related to the Carolingian dynasty, it consisted of a Burgundian and a Swabian group. It has not been definitively clarified, however, whether the two groups formed one dynasty or whether they shared the same name by coincidence only. While the Elder House became extinct in the male line with the death of Duke Welf of Carinthia in 1055, his sister Kunigunde married into the Italian House of Este and became the ancestor of the (Younger) House of Welf.

Quick facts: (Elder) House of Welf Rudolphins[1][2], Count...
(Elder) House of Welf
Frankish noble family
Founded8th century
FounderRuthard, Count of Argengau
Current headNone; extinct
Final rulerRudolph III (Burgundy)
Welf of Carinthia (Swabia)
Estate(s)Orbe Castle
Dissolution1032 (1032) (Burgundy)
1055 (1055) (Swabia)