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Emperor Ming of Han (15 June 28[2] – 5 September 75[3]), born Liu Yang and also known as Liu Zhuang and as Han Mingdi, was the second emperor of China's Eastern Han dynasty.

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Emperor Ming of Han
Portrait of Emperor Ming from Sancai Tuhui
Emperor of the Han dynasty
Reign29 March 57[1] – 5 September 75 AD
PredecessorEmperor Guangwu
SuccessorEmperor Zhang
Born15 June 28
Died5 September 75 (aged 47)
ConsortsEmpress Mingde
Consort Jia
Liu Jian (劉建), King of Qiancheng
Liu Xian (劉羨), King of Chen
Liu Gong (劉恭), King of Pengcheng
Liu Dang (劉黨), King of Lecheng
Liu Da (劉炟), Emperor Zhang
Liu Yan (劉衍), King of Xiapi
Liu Chang (劉暢), King of Liang
Liu Bing (劉昞), King of Huaiyang
Liu Chang (劉長), King of Jiyin
Family name: Liu ()
Given name: Yang (), then Zhuang ()
Era dates
Yŏngpíng (永平): 57–75 AD
Posthumous name
Emperor Xiàomíng (孝明皇帝)
Temple name
Xiǎnzōng (顯宗)
HouseHouse of Liu
DynastyHan dynasty
FatherEmperor Guangwu
MotherEmpress Guanglie
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Emperor Ming of Han
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Literal meaningBright Emperor of the Han

He was the fourth son and second crown prince of Emperor Guangwu. It was during Emperor Ming's reign that Buddhism began to spread into China.

Emperor Ming was a hard-working, competent administrator of the empire who showed integrity and demanded integrity from his officials. He also extended Chinese control over the Tarim Basin and eradicated the Xiongnu influence there, through the conquests of his general Ban Chao.

The reigns of Emperor Ming and his son Emperor Zhang were typically considered the golden age of the Eastern Han Empire and known as the Rule of Ming and Zhang.

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