Equestrian at the 1924 Summer Olympics

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Quick facts: Equestrian at the Games of the VIII Olympiad,...
at the Games of the VIII Olympiad
VenueAuteuil Hippodrome
Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir
Dates21–27 July 1924
No. of events5
Competitors97 from 17 nations

The equestrian events at the 1924 Paris Olympics included eventing (individual and team medals), show jumping (individual and team medals) and dressage (individual medals). Vaulting was not included this year. The competitions were held from 21 to 27 July 1924. 17 nations fielded teams: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, and Yugoslavia, with Germany not being invited. Of those 17 countries, only 5 fielded teams in all 3 disciplines: France, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland and Czechoslovakia. A total of 97 entries and 126 horses competed. Horses in both the jumping and eventing competitions were required to carry at least 75 kilograms (165 lb).[1]

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