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Eugenie Leontovich (born Evgenia Konstantinovna Leontovich; Russian: Евге́ния Константиновна Леонто́вич, tr. Evgéniya Konstantinovna Leontóvich; March 21 or April 3 [lower-alpha 1][3][5][6][7][8][9] – April 3, 1993) was a Russian-born United States actress with a distinguished career in theatre, film and television, as well as a dramatist and acting teacher.

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Eugenie Leontovich
Leontovich as Tatiana in Tovarich
Evgenia Konstantinovna Leontovich

March 21 or April 3, 1900 (other sources indicate 1893, 1894, or 1898)[1][2][3]
DiedApril 3, 1993
Occupation(s)Actress, dramatist, acting teacher
Years active1922-1962
Spouse(s)Paul A. Sokolov (1916-1922) (divorced)
Gregory Ratoff (1923-1949) (divorced)[4]

In an obituary, she was described as "[o]ne of the most colourful figures of the 20th-century theatre, a successful actress, producer, playwright and teacher."[10] She was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Lead Actress in a Play for William Saroyan's The Cave Dwellers.[4]