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The Group of the European Radical Alliance (ERA) was a heterogeneous political group with seats in the European Parliament between 1994 and 1999. It was formed by regionalist parties from the former Rainbow Group,[8] although its largest and dominant member party was the French Energie Radicale.[9][10]

Quick facts: European Radical Alliance, Name, English abbr...
European Radical Alliance
European Parliament group
ERA logo
NameEuropean Radical Alliance
English abbr.ERA[1]
French abbr.ARE[2]
Formal nameGroup of the European Radical Alliance[3][4]
Associated organisationsEuropean Free Alliance
From19 July 1994[6]
To20 July 1999[2]
Preceded byRainbow Group
Succeeded byGreens–European Free Alliance
Chaired byCatherine Lalumière[7]
MEP(s)19 (19 July 1994),
21 (5 May 1999),
13 (13 June 1999)