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Federal cities of Russia

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In the Russian Federation, a city of federal importance[1][2] (Russian: город федерального значения, romanized: gorod federalnogo znacheniya), also known as a federal city, is a city that has a status of both an inhabited locality and a constituent federal subject. Russia claims three federal cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Sevastopol,[3] which was annexed in 2014 and remains internationally recognised as part of Ukraine.[4]

Moscow and Saint Petersburg are the largest cities in the country: Moscow is the national capital and Saint Petersburg is a former Russian capital and an important port city by the Baltic Sea.[5] Currently, Sevastopol houses the Sevastopol Naval Base, the main port of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Table info: Map #, Code, ISO code, Name, Flag...
Map # Code ISO code Name Flag Coat of arms Federal district Economic region Area (km2)[6] Population (2017 est.)[7]
1 77 RU-MOW Moscow Flag_of_Moscow%2C_Russia.svg Coat_of_arms_of_Moscow.svg Central Central 2,561.5 12,506,468
2 78 RU-SPE Saint Petersburg Flag_of_Saint_Petersburg.svg Coat_of_Arms_of_Saint_Petersburg_%282003%29.svg Northwestern Northwestern 1,439 5,351,935
3 92 UA-40 Sevastopol[lower-alpha 1] Flag_of_Sevastopol.svg COA_of_Sevastopol.svg Southern North Caucasus 864[8] 436,670[8]